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Mon 30th Jan 2017 - 7:08pm Gaming

Introduce yourself, how does it feel to be part of The Imperial again?

I’m Shane McKerral and the current captain for The Imperial. When Chris Marsh suggested that Imperial were looking for a team I thought he was having me on as it was the first org I played for but mainly because we had to buy polo shirts from primark and write Imperial and LimeXB on the polo in felt tip, to then be told by the man himself that Imperial aren’t Sponsored by Lime anymore. I am very glad to be back though and I’m excited to get underway with the incredibly improved organisation under a less northern manager, sorry Chris.

First impressions of new COD

After a hell of a lot of work we are finally seeing some potential with Infinite Warfare, although I’m a firm believer that jet packs do not belong in COD I do think eventually with a few more tweaks this could be the best jet pack game out of the 3.

Biggest qualities as a COD player

My biggest qualities are leadership, decision making and being incredibly level headed, all made up for by an even more incredible wonky shot.

Main aims for the team

The only aim is to get into the CWL this year, it’s going to be hard work but we know with the right mindset we can pull it off

Do you see yourself forging a long career as a professional gamer, or is there an expiry date on how long you can keep this level of skill up?

As long as I continue enjoying what I do I can continue competing although this Jet pack business needs to go, it makes professional Call of Duty a hell of a lot more mentally draining

What do your friends and family make of your pro gaming career?

My friends and family think it’s awesome, getting to travel the world to such fantastic places like Los Angeles, Paris, Cologne and Blackpool is beyond a privilege.  My parents frowned upon it when I first started though, after I gave my mum a couple of grand she soon became my biggest fan though.

How big do you see eSports becoming in the UK?

eSports in the UK has been growing a hell of a lot each year, I believe the amazing performance from Splyce at CoDXP last year is massive for the European COD community which can only bring in interest from other major companies looking to get involved with the EU eSports scene

Do you think getting eSports on television is a necessary step in the evolution of pro gaming, or do you think streaming services already offer something more than old media ever could?

I do think it’s an absolute necessity yes, Twitch is still unheard of to so many regardless of how big it is, Television is the next step for us and hopefully the COD Scene will reach that level one day but with the support we are getting from Activision I really don’t think we are far from achieving that at all.



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