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Tue 31st Jan 2017 - 7:07pm General

Introduce yourself

Hello everyone, my name is Oli “potts” Adams and I’m the owner and CEO of The Imperial. I’m 26 years old, living in the UK in a county called Surrey which is about 10 miles from London! My gaming nickname originally comes from when I was maybe 9 years old when somebody at school called me “oggypotts”, that lasted about 3 weeks. For some random reason my close friends started calling me “potts” when I was around 19 and now everyone has forgotten my real name.

Hobbies and interests 

Obviously I enjoy computer games. I’m a big fan of RTS games and my all-time favourite would be Red Alert 2, other games I enjoy are Counter Strike, Total War games, DOTA 2 and the list goes on… Before I knew about eSports I was big into my Xbox gaming so FIFA, Halo, COD also played a big part of my childhood! Aside from gaming I’m big into my fitness which mainly includes the gym and swimming. Other interests of mine are travelling, cars, skiing and most of all my films! Oh and my girlfriend of course (in case she reads this)

Favourite films/tv programs 

I have a huge list for this but I will narrow that down to two… Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. The story lines are great and the music is just unbelievable in every film. TV programs… 24 and Band of Brothers are what I loved to watch over the last 10 years but my childhood program was Stargate (all of them).

History in eSports 

I started getting interested in eSports whilst I was playing “competitive” Counter Strike Source, this is when I joined my first ever organisation called openFire when I was 16!! From there I eventually went on to run Mousetek which merged with The Imperial of old. After a couple of very successful years myself and Chris ‘Mellow’ Marsh decided to shut the organisation down due to lack of time and other commitments. I went on to work in property for 5 years before coming back to eSports in 2016 to start up The Imperial once more.

Favourite gaming moments/memories

My fondest gaming memories involve Counter Strike zombies, FIFA and long ladder matches with my friends on WWE games. I would say my best memory in eSports terms was when Imperial was running back in 2010/11 and turning MOD.CSS (FeTiSh, v1ctor, gravity, purity and wantz) into the #1 team in Europe.

Opinion on big sports organisations coming into eSports and will it have a negative impact on smaller organisations

I think the fact that sporting brands such as FC Copenhagen and the Philadelphia 76ers shows how far eSports has come and how much these companies believe in it’s future. Before we know it, all the big English football teams will own eSports team. I personally believe it’s great that sports teams are getting involved as it will change peoples opinions on the industry and hopefully make the general public more aware of it.

In regards to smaller organisations, I honestly don’t know what will happen to them. You would hope the people in charge would try and aim for such a goal, that one day they will be under the branch of a great sporting team. I don’t believe it will have a negative impact, as in most sports you have to start somewhere. You don’t overnight become one of the top players in your particular field, you need the support of the smaller organisations. Look at English Football for an example, the teams in the lower divisions and even the non-professional leagues. I can guarantee you they dream of making it to the top, it works the same in gaming.

Ambitions for Imperial

Down to the serious business. We are an extremely ambitious organisation and we’re dedicated to supporting young, talented and hardworking players such as our former DOTA 2 team who were rewarded with their hard work by signing for Cloud 9 recently. We have now signed a fairly young COD team based in the UK who we will support and help grow them into a dominant team.

 We have some big plans for the future and I hope to share these with you in the near future. Until then we will be focusing on providing the absolute best content for our fans across all our social media platforms and we hope more people can join us on our journey.

 In regards to the organisation expanding into more games. We plan on going back into DOTA 2 as we have a fantastic fan base there but it needs to be the right team for us. Other games we keep an eye on are CSGO, Overwatch and Halo.



Oli Adams

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