Imperial @ MLG Atlanta

Thu 9th Feb 2017 - 9:56am Gaming

Over the next few days our COD team will be competing at MLG Atlanta CWL. We will be starting in the open bracket on Friday 10th. For more information on the event, check out our MLG Preview post from earlier this week here.

We will be updating this post constantly over the event with as much coverage as we can provide!

Open Bracket - Kicks off 1pm Atlanta time (5 hours behind GMT time).

Round 1 vs N/A

Round 2 vs Tzar Games [2-0]

Round 3 vs SpawnKilled [2-0]

Round 4 vs warFare Gaming [2-0]

Round 5 vs Lethal Gaming [2-1]

Round 6 vs Chiefs [2-1]

Pool Play - Kicks off 2pm Atlanta time Saturday 11th

Group C:

vs Team 3G [0-3] 2pm 

vs Luminosity [1-3] 3.30pm

vs Cloud9 [0-3] 5pm

vs ElevateGG [0-3] 6.30pm

 Losers Bracket Round Round 1

vs Team Kaliber [1-3]


Final Placement 21-24th.



Oli Adams

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