PGL Minor #3

Sat 6th May 2017 - 5:00pm Gaming

From the 8-10th May, our CSGO team will be competing for a chance to attend the upcoming PGL Europe Minor Championship.

There is a total of 4 Open qualifiers, with two already taking place. The top two teams from each qualifier will move on to the next stage, where they will meet the 8 invited teams. From there, the top 8 teams will move on to the LAN finals in Bucharest, Romania.

Direct invite teams:








 Space Soldiers

Open qualifier teams so far:


 Fnatic academy

 North academy




Round of 512 vs Patataes [16-6] de_inferno

Round of 256 vs barmix [19-16] de_train

Round of 128 vs spejsdix [16-1] de_cache

Round of 64 vs l8r_ [0-0] de_

Round of 32 vs ENCORE- [0-0]



Oli Adams

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