Arcanebet Balkan Pro League

Fri 2nd Jun 2017 - 7:09pm Gaming

At the end of April, our CSGO team started competing in the Arcanebet Balkan Pro League Season 2. Eight teams from the region competed for the top 4 spots and the chance to win $2,500.

The team managed to come joint first (2nd on round difference) and here are their results in the group stage:

HoP 2-0 [16-6] [16-4]

Saltbae 2-0 [16-2] [16-0]

Sensei 2-0 forfeit

Nexus 0-2 [9-16] [6-16]

Binary Dragons 1-1 [16-13] [7-16]

Arcade 2-0 [16-2] [16-4]

The top 4 teams that moved onto the playoffs stages were: Imperial, Nexus, Binary Dragons and HoP. We will be taking on Binary Dragons on Monday 5th in a BO3 for a place in the Grand Final vs Nexus.



Oli Adams

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