New CS:GO team!

Sun 5th Feb 2017 - 6:39pm Gaming

Today we're extremely excited once again to support Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The game is at the forefront of eSports and is one of the most entertaining games all of time. We at Imperial believe the UK scene needs serious support in order to regain it's former glory of having serious contenders amongst the top European and worldwide teams. 

As a result of this, we are proud to announce the new Imperial CSGO lineup:

  Jake "Jakem" McCausland 

  Conor "Conor" McCool

  Phil "Whindanski" Nicholas

  Jake "boaster" Howlett

  Craig "REAZN" Brackenridge






 The team are currently competing ESL EPS, UK Masters qualifier, ESEA Main and UK Gaming Tours. Their first LAN under the Imperial banner will be at UK Gaming Tours in 5 weeks subject to qualification.

Tomorrow 6th February they face Team Infused in the ESL EPS at 21:00 GMT. 

 Statement from CEO Oli Adams:

I have always believed in supporting UK teams across various games as we were once some of the best gamers in world. Unfortunately over the last few years the standards have dropped and our rivals have opened up a big gap. However I truely believe with the right committment and support our CS teams can challenge the top teams. Esports in general is becoming more accepted in the UK and this will have a huge impact on players committments. In light of this, I would like to welcome our new UK CS team!

Statement from team captain Jakem:

The team is very excited to begin its new adventure under the Imperial brand. We share the same ambitions and determination with the hope to grow together. We believe this move will help us in reaching the next level for the team. Thanks to Oli and Imperial for the opportunity but also thanks to CAZ eSports who have been a great home to myself and the team previously. 




Oli Adams

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